about luncheonettevintage

Luncheonettevintage opened to serve up a relentless obsession with vintage to diners all over the world. Short orders and special dishes, dessert always included with the meal. Mostly fragrant, sometimes thanks to a quasi-patented and entirely unique anti-attic-and-basement-must treatment. Flavors range from victorian to new wave to art deco to workaday. Farm relics to cocktail garb. Tender old photos and softpapered books a frequency. Regular blue plate specials and occasion sales. Returning customers get extra discounts. Shipping rates include overage refunds. Packaging often involves bandana cottons and twine. Buyers are allowed to return things. Just like your favorite luncheonette: come on in, sit right down, and have a nice slice of vintage.

Luncheonette is featured in the etsy storque, in family style, kitsch for all ages, and horny beasts.

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A word about Beulah
Beulah, the house model, jiggered it into her contract that she would be mentioned whenever it was possible or impossible, regardless. She doesn't care. She's old enough to be above those things, teetering as she does on her cast iron stand, circa 1920. The thing about Beulah is that she doesn't eat, which the cooks in the kitchen all find unsettling. She sometimes frightens people who look in the window, given her habit of coming apart at the adjustable seams. But she does smell, since coming out of the box she was shipped in, like old pie. And it is hard to stay mad at a dowager with a 24 inch waist who smells like that.