1940s camp blankets

Love these camp blankets.
They're all from a big old place in the Catskills that's been around since the 40s.
These ones have great rustic patterns, slightly Native American, kind of Art Deco.
They're all lined with soft rayon binding on two sides.

And they're all enormous, nearly 12 feet long x 70 - 72 inches wide.
This one's got acorns with a cross pattern. Notice how the border near the acorns picks up the dots in the crosses. The patterns are the same, in reverse colors, on the other side.
Very Catskillsian: burgundy and cream.

The pink one is super thick, and has flowers and windowpane plaid.
Love how the flowers all tilt in the same direction.

The nap is cozy as can be.

Someone did a careful patch on this one, using a matching blanket.

Thistles in plum and peach.

A favorite.

A few errant threads. In general, there are minor flaws: a bit of wear here and there, a few small spots. They're all freshly washed and have no smells.

Very tempted to keep it.


In the Weeklings

Just out in the Weeklings, my look, a little closer, at the world in which the luncheonette dwells —
I Can See Clearly Now: Life on Etsy It was not easy to write. It was scary to write. But I had to write it. And researching it was like a yellow brick road leading to the anti-Oz. And it is permanently associated with the sharp flaflavor of slightly burnt cappucino at Bread Alone on Route 28, where we first discussed it. Janet Steen is such a smart editor.


That summer when Secretariat won it all

Contributed an essay on the summer Secretariat saved my life for Track Life, the latest book of racing and horse photographs by Juliet Harrison. What a collection of photographs, and what a collection of authors, including Martha Frankel, Carol Goodman. Mikhail Horowitz, Nina Shengold, Zachary Sklar, and Marylou Whitney.


Ball, Atlas vintage mason jars
(mason, not lightning)

Atlas Mason, Atlas Mason's Patent, Atlas Strong Shoulder Masons

7 Atlas quart jars.

3 are Atlas Strong Shoulder masons with new zinc caps.

The Atlas Mason's Patent is a grey toned glass.

Atlas embossing.

Another angle.

4 Ball quart mason jars, including a Perfect Mason.

Fresh zinc caps on the Ball masons.
A set of 7 pint jars includes 4 ball mason jars.

As well as a Kerr 1/2 pin mason, and 2 atlas masons with great shapes.

And a wide mouthed Atlas Special mason jar on the end.

Ready for use.

All 8 of the smaller jars.


Swords, autographs, and Stage Stars:
5 Cabinet Cards and 6 theatrical CDV's

Miss Mary Anderson by Downey, London. Famous stage actress (1859 - 1940).

A mystery scene by Miller's Modern Studio of Fakenham, Norfolk. "Who Is It?" wrote someone under what looks like a father with three children. Or perhaps it was just a fanciful family scene?

A serious looking boy in a serious looking costume with a serious looking wig, carrying a serious looking sword. Taken by W.R. Call, Pickering Block, Manchester, N.H.

Sarony Card of Miss A.S. Neilson as Cymbeline. Another sword, a risque costume, a heavy cape. Her full name was Adelaide Nielson; her born name was Elizabeth Anne Bland. She was already famed in England when she went to America. She performed in Cymbeline at the Fifth Avenue Theatre in New York in 1877, the same year she divorced her husband.

Another Sarony card, this one inscribed, of Ethel Knight Mollison, April, 1901, the year she starred on Broadway.

6 CDV's : top row, left to right: Mary Anderson by Sarony; risque CDV; European actress with flower necklace by Loescher & Petsch, Berlin. Bottom row, left to right: Lillie Langtr; Mary Anderson; Burlesque dancer.