Tema, Johnny Weir's Japanese Chin

Having covered etsy on theweekings, 

and toured all its haunted do-goodnessisms and come up rather haunted myself,

I turned to its obvious counterpart: chickens. That's where the Olivebridge Pastoral came from: there's a family album growing on these Buff Orpingtons. And since the essay on life with chickens was published in theweeklings, Lucille the broody hen went broody again, and we now have 6 more chicks. This is all beyond human control, unless we want to try to "break" her of her broodiness by putting her in a wire crate with her belly exposed to the cold air. But with Lucille, that won't work: she is a dedicated broody hen. So she gets to have her brood. Photos will follow. For now, here's a generic yellow chick:

Having covered etsy, having covered chickens, the obvious next subject is possibly the remarkably heartfelt, insanely athletic, flamboyantly gorgeous endless double adjective of Johnny Weir's instagram. But there's a novel about to wolves to finish, and it howls whenever I leave it alone.