Mid-March update
(because ever since Mom passed away in the beginning of March, and Dad called it the ides of March, one of the rare times he actually said something really sucked, because he is a gentleman and does not say such things, but this time he said this is a real bummer, I can't do much writing then. In her honor, I stare at her paintings, and be wry, and read newspapers, and get a croissant and coffee. In her honor.)

1. Did not get the yellow cottage. There was a crack in the foundation and the bank could not underwrite the loan. I immediately relished the metaphor and forgot about the loss.

2. Have been writing the novel. It is becoming satirical. That makes me nervous. But the book can't help it.

3. Did a reading with Luc Sante, Mimi Lipson, and Jon Bowermaster in Saugerties. Forgive me for not posting it. I was too busy getting ready.

3a. At the reading, read from the new novel, but not really a satirical part. It seemed to go well. People were sad about the yellow wolf. I immediately relished the misunderstanding because the wolf is actually a white wolf but it's really dirty, having lived a sad and dirty life. And I created this misunderstanding. It made me feel a little godlike in a very bad way.

3b. A man asked me whether I was worried about reading from an unfinished work. I pretended not to be.

4. I am reading at BARNES & NOBLE on APRIL 17th with Tanya Torres, an amazing poet and artist and all around strong spirit. She seems to beat to the color red.

5. I am heading to California next week to do the annual pilgrimage to the students who read my book.