Piper wakes up after dinner.

Filmed in the worst light imaginable with a crappy iphone. Just click play.

Piper is the small one. The bigger one with the black ear is her cousin, Pixel. The one with the brown ear that looks calm isn't really calm at all. She's Pixel's sister. Name's Widget.


The Hudson River
rare photo album circa 1908
Made of paper that looks like leather, bound at the spine with its original cord

Published by the Bryant Union Publishing Company of NYC circa 1908.  

Printed by Albertype of NY

24 different views of the Hudson from Manhattan up to Albany, each on its own leaf

Horses and carriages up at Grant's Tomb

Cannons still trained on the Hudson at West Point

Gravestones at Tarrytown

Old Duchess County

Someone took great pains to put together this binder. In spite of the yellowed sleeves it seemed to want to stay intact.

Kennedy House, says the handwriting on the back.

Photos taken by John Kozlarek, who was a station master and amateur photographer.

A view you won't see anymore.

There's an obsessiveness to this album, as if its owner wanted to make sure every major point was covered at least once, including the old iron mine in Amenia.

105 images in all, tons of messages. "I won't be home Saturday so get Gert to bake you a cake," reads one.

The old depot in Millerton.