Tema, Johnny Weir's Japanese Chin

Having covered etsy on theweekings, 

and toured all its haunted do-goodnessisms and come up rather haunted myself,

I turned to its obvious counterpart: chickens. That's where the Olivebridge Pastoral came from: there's a family album growing on these Buff Orpingtons. And since the essay on life with chickens was published in theweeklings, Lucille the broody hen went broody again, and we now have 6 more chicks. This is all beyond human control, unless we want to try to "break" her of her broodiness by putting her in a wire crate with her belly exposed to the cold air. But with Lucille, that won't work: she is a dedicated broody hen. So she gets to have her brood. Photos will follow. For now, here's a generic yellow chick:

Having covered etsy, having covered chickens, the obvious next subject is possibly the remarkably heartfelt, insanely athletic, flamboyantly gorgeous endless double adjective of Johnny Weir's instagram. But there's a novel about to wolves to finish, and it howls whenever I leave it alone.


Olivebridge pastoral


She had handbags.   
Top: Carlo Valenti black patent leather and chain bag. Back row, left and right: Chanel patent leather tassel bag (*), Morabito double handle bag. Middle row, center and right: Lederer Paris black embossed leather bag (with brass piece inside), Saks 5th Avenue textured leather with gold chain handle. Front row, left to right: Lgor black leather bag with leather and chain handle, Dior wallet in red and navy calf, black crocodile and gold chain bag made in France.

She had a bag for every day and a bag for every night.
Lgor, made in France, Saks 5th Avenue. The feeling of having such bags. It must have been something.

Chanel (faux, we're pretty sure*), Lederer, Morabito, and Carlos Valenti bags.
Vintage Lederer de Paris Black leather Handbag, 1950s: a Closer Look
Shaped like a miniature doctor's bag.
Superbly constructed, it's trimmed with goldtone brass hardware.

Everything about the bag is substantial. The leather is in terrific condition, with some most of the wear concentrated to the handle and edges of the frame.
Another angle: note the wear at the handle.

The body of the bag is supple and shiny.

The interior, in black calf, has two side by side pockets under the gold stamp, and a snap close pocket that fits a pair of eyeglasses on the other side.
There are two pieces of hardware, a knob and a flat washer, that are loose, but were found inside the bag.

Side view.

The back side of the bag.

The base of the bag features two flat brass plates, one at each end.

The brass plates are screwed in and lay flat.

Close up of the stamp, which reads, "Made in France Especially for Lederer."

Close up of the two metal fitting pieces that come with the bag.


1960s Rhinestone Handbag by Judith Leiber 

1960s rhinestone crystal handbag by the wonderful Judith Leiber. She thought of everything when she designed this bag.An ingenious hinged frame means the bag opens up into a hexagon shape. It's lined in gold metallic leather.
Leather covered in rhinestones, with a weighty goldtone snakechain handle made of chunky, geometric links.
The handle is attached with toggles — slip them back through the loops and tuck the handle inside, and you've got a clutch.
In superb condition.


1940s camp blankets

Love these camp blankets.
They're all from a big old place in the Catskills that's been around since the 40s.
These ones have great rustic patterns, slightly Native American, kind of Art Deco.
They're all lined with soft rayon binding on two sides.

And they're all enormous, nearly 12 feet long x 70 - 72 inches wide.
This one's got acorns with a cross pattern. Notice how the border near the acorns picks up the dots in the crosses. The patterns are the same, in reverse colors, on the other side.
Very Catskillsian: burgundy and cream.

The pink one is super thick, and has flowers and windowpane plaid.
Love how the flowers all tilt in the same direction.

The nap is cozy as can be.

Someone did a careful patch on this one, using a matching blanket.

Thistles in plum and peach.

A favorite.

A few errant threads. In general, there are minor flaws: a bit of wear here and there, a few small spots. They're all freshly washed and have no smells.

Very tempted to keep it.