another look at the backs where all the action starts —
left: Call Me Deadly. right: Death is a Round Black Ball

left: Dead Game. right: Dead on Arrival

left: Deadlock. right: Death has Deep Roots

left: Deadly Summer. right: Death is a Red Rose

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yet even more pulp fiction. 2 beauties.

front cover

back cover

front cover

back cover
Samm Sinclair Baker. One Touch of Blood. Graphic Mystery. 1955.
William Ard. You Can't Stop Me. Popular Library 526. 1952.
pulp fiction in all its deadly glory (set of 8)

The eight:
Michael Avallone. Dead Game. Perma Books 3012. 1955.
George Bagby. Dead on Arrival. Bantam 1197. 1954.
Glenn M. Barns Deadly Summer. Perma Books 3114. 1957.
Hal Braham. Call Me Deadly. Graphic Mystery 152. 1957.
Dorothy Eden. Death is  Red Rose. Ace Star. 1970. (reissue of a 1950s classic)
Ruth Fenisong. Deadlock. Dell 808. 1952.
Michael Gilbert. Death has Deep Roots. Dell 744. 1951.
Mike Roscoe. Death is a Round Black Ball. Signet 966. 1952.

and more pulp fiction: urban noir

front cover

back cover

front cover

back cover

Herbert Simmons. Corner Boy. Dell D245. 1958.
Jack Karney. Tough Town. Pyramid Books 31. 1952.
still yet more pulp fiction: Lolita noir by Gil Brewer

Gil Brewer. Sugar. Avon Original T355. 1959
"       "          Little Tramp. Crest Book 173. 1958.

Read about Brewer.
still more pulp fiction: Ace Double Novel

John Trinian. Scratch a Thief / Chester Warwick. My Pal, The Killer. Ace Double Novels F 107. 1961.
yet more pulp fiction: suckers and temptresses

Robert O. Saber, Sucker Bait. Graphic Mystery 99. 1955.
Robert B. Sinclair. The Eleventh House. Pocket Book 881. 1951. (cover by George Erickson)
even more pulp fiction: the condemned by virtue of her very address series

Albert Conroy. Murder in Room 13. Gold Medal Book 806. 1st Printing 1958.
Harold R. Daniels. The Girl in 304. Dell First Edition A112. 1956.
Mel Heimer. The Girl in Murder Flat. Gold Medal Book 458. 1st Printing 1955.


Cans of beans and banners, 1919
8" x 10"

Cambell's Beans

Grocer's scale

Paper is heavy and back is blank

Covo frying oil. 1919 or so.

Ice cream, cigars, 1920s

8" x 10"

Lowells Report Boys' Day March 20, 1920
9" x 7.25"

26 boys, a bicycle, 2 teachers and a great big moving sign

1920s hair, 1920s faces

"Motto Unselfish Service for Others"