One of my favorite kinds of photography.

There are 14 here, the two largest on top, and 2 in sleeves.

Look at his beard, the way he's holding his right hand up, and the stiffness of that amazing dress she's wearing. This one has hand tinting on the cheeks.

She's wearing pince nez and such a fetching hat. Tinted lips and cheeks. Love this one.

More tinted cheeks and a slightly wild expression. Folded, working hands on a rustic chair.

Love these outdoor group portraits, everyone in their Sunday picnic clothes.

Great hats on this couple.

A formal portrait, her arm resting on his shoulder, he's tilted slightly towards her.

And she looks quite young.

Souvenir tintype from a summer's day, July 6 1890.

Amazing lace collar, remarkable hair. Tinted cheeks.

My other favorite: he's got a velvet collar, a wise expression, looks quite old. And a fine, fine top hat.


Ringlets, a lace collar, tinted cheeks, a smart face.

One of the two larger ones: a boy standing next to his hat. Tinted cheeks, amazing socks.

The other larger one. A mother holding a fussy baby, her attention entirely on her child.