Luncheonette x Sartorialist

1980s bittersweet boots in the warmth of the studio, luncheonettevintage

same boots photographed freezing outside on the feet of this adorable girl, thesartorialist

Dog photo of the month

1940s kodacolor, vintagewarehouseny

What do I love about this photo? Who is this man paying attention to, trying to twist to smile for the camera and hold his beloved shepherd at the same time? And does that trio behind him care? Not a whit. They're in their Sunday best. Gloves and hats. And proudly so, with a little turn of the ankle, the better to show a tiny bit of leg. They know what matters.

The photographer snapped the shutter a bit too early, they probably said later, over coffee and cake. I'd disagree. And look at the shadow on the ground, that perfect shepherd profile, the tongue. The clearest face in the whole photo.

And I am a dog person. So here it is, the resplendent intersection of dog, vintage, and story. In its kodacolor glory.
And then the girlie flash 

reno tart earrings by katinkapinka
1950s cocoa gem clutch, small earth vintage
anchor hocking jar, sarahanntiques
becasine vintage clogs with faux fur, bOmode
1950s seamprufe slip, studio1950
And then there's the punk roots, riffled deep into the ground