Mother's day

Maya and her daughter Proton, asleep. Pay no attention to the ragged carpet beneath them. Just pay attention to how they're sleeping, back to back.


Up at the cabin

Postcard from Alice Lake in the Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho, vintageplum
1950s coverlet in woven cotton. Cannon Mills USA.

Handmade vintage cotton curtains from enhabiten
1980s chukka boots with moc toes. Eastland, Maine.
1950s REI rucksack, takeahikemercantile
1973 wild food foraging handbook, classicobsessive
1960s wool plaid shirt. Pendleton, Oregon.
1960s denim coat with blanket lining. Sears Work n Leisure.
Oberlin, Ohio bait canteen, susantique
1950s straw hat
the next book.

completion date: september 1.

Bucket Provenance

From the story of an executive who started his career as a file clerk:
National Enameling & Stamping Co. (Nesco) headquarters, around 1907.
From a trove of printing blocks used in the making of a late 1930s hardware catalogue:
1930s letterpress printer's block of the Nesco pail, preservecottage
From a pantry in a farmhouse owned by a hardware store owner back in the day:
1930s Nesco bucket at the luncheonette