Dress that cupcake

Instead of building a room from an outfit, or an outfit from a room,  why not build an outfit from a cupcake? They are, after all, two essentials, closely linked. Aside from the outfit issues for my wedding, there was the cake issues, which led, naturally, since this is after all luncheonetteland, to cupcakes. Just to make sure there would be enough of the good stuff, we had our amazing baker genius friend Lori (of Jack and Luna's fame) bake 200 pink, blue and yellow frosted sweet vanilla and devilish chocolate cupcakes. As a, well, supplement to the enormous wedding cake made by pastry chef Carla. Pictures some day. Long story.

Of course the wedding cake was enough. But everyday, all during the homeymoon, we got to feast on the leftover cupcakes. And never got tired of them.  

cupcake / outfit
cupcake: espresso fudge cupcake with chocolate cream cheese
icing, mingmakescupcakes (thanks to design*sponge for the tip)

outfit: vintage 1940s 1950s palizzio lizard skin handbag (notice
how the ribbing pattern on the bag resembles the fluting on the cupcake cup), raleighvintage
bronzed twig linen dress (ming's frosting is luscious and a
bit spicy looking, as if the color of this great frock), allencompany
1950s-1960s snowflake brooch (again, referring to the paper cup around the cupcake.
can't help it. I'm obsessed with parts like that), tialeyvintage
hot chocolate split vamp shoes (note that the shoes and bag do
not have to match since this is vintage for moderns and
we are really talking about food here, aren't we), lisazain
espresso 1960s swing coat (chocolate chip colored,
with buttons nearly as big as cupcakes), luncheonettevintage
vintage millinery hat with veil (looks
like a cupcake itself), artdecodame
scalloped leather gloves (very delicious looking.
edible, almost), vixenandvelocity

next: red velvet cupcakes.


Dept of instastories redux

etsy treasury number something-ty. click here for the real thing with links.
Sometimes an etsy treasury has a story on the tip of its tongue. Sorry for the metaphor.  If I find it, I will reveal here in all its geegaw humphage. Sure, humphage is not a word, but it has a lusty fallover and phhhhhh sound.

Sellers I trolled to pick this one — rollinghillsvintage,    swoonshop,    wiltsiebridgecs,    kbjhandmadeknotoriginal,   annesaccumulations,    newdominionblues,    nakisha,    mousetrapvintage,    treehouse28,   savagesalvage,    bucktoothedbunny,    ohmyampersand,    elizabethwrenvintage,    simplylodge,    snootieseconds.