Another batch of photos and postcards from long ago


Blue, teal, black, lemon, white.

Color is the easiest way to think, my mother used to say.
1980s travel tote (coming to the shop soon)

1950s bedtable (flips up for a book stand)

turquoise blue flow lunch plates

1950 candy tin

vintage boy scouts bear cub neckerchief slide

There are so many changes going on right now. All great. The shop finally has its own studio, freshly built. I can start working with models, including Rebe, who rocks the vintage with her own special flair. More on her, as in a kind of formal introduction, coming up! When she's not modeling, she uses power tools and works on houses. I found her slinging wicked cappuccinos at a cafe. All the great ones work in restaurants at some point in their life, my waiter grandpa used to say.