My wholesome vintage sisters

Somehow, reading a little piece that asks why Betty has to be so bad (and getting worse) inspired this little assembly, soon as I got in from feeding the chickens. There's something about the way each, ahem,
Sulphuric acid bottle, domestikat
object is centered in the frame (that necklace, that there bauble, it's centered left to right, ok?) that kicks it up a notch. I'm all for artful off-centering, and props like lace and doilies and moss. Etsy has
1950s picnic spoons, ameelia bedelia
so much moss. It's pretty mossy if you think about it. Etsy has as much moss as the church basement sale has extra large turtlenecks. But that's just it. Sometimes fussing up a picture makes it kind of —
Antique baby dolls, zinniacottage
mossy. Like unbrushed teeth. Not very Betty at all. But the wholesome thing is not really a priority here, right? We're not being nostalgic. We're being — centered.
1950s leopard necklace, carmenandginger
Ashtray by dale chemical, retroburgh



Full name: Xavier vom Schutzberg, Son of Lee. Short name: X. Nicknames: X-box. Knuckle-ex. Dingbex. New skill: sitting still. For a full two minutes. Old skill: barking like Enrico Caruso.