All taken by the E. Saccomandi Photo Studio in Philadelphia. The middle on is a confirmation photo.


Jean Kilian, who died in 1914.

Top: Philip Kilian, 2nd from left. Jean Kilian as a boy, 2nd from right, and with his father, Philip. Bottom: Maria and Joanna Batz, left, Philip Kilian, middle, Philip Kilian as a young soldier, right.

Maria and Johanna Batz

Other cabinet cards from this group.

And photographs, including a binder of a picnic outing, somewhere.

The girl with the bow in her hair, posing in profile, was Dorothy Wilson.

Trustees of Nyack, NY.

Early, early glossy taken by Matzene of Chicago of the great coloratura Amelita Galli-Curci of the Chicago Opera, in her favorite role in Dinorah. Taken around 1918.

More cartes de visite photos.

Dignified faces, lace collars and mutton chops.

Ship photos. The right warship flies an American flag.

Carte de visite photos with Civil War tax stamps

Civil War Lieutenant Alexander of the U.S. Steamer Cossack in his naval greatcoat.

He wrote: Compliments of Lieut. J.J. Alexander U.S. Steamer Cossack.

Young Prussian soldiers with their fancy dress swords. The card was handtinted to show the proper red trim.
On the back of the card is a shred of newspaper dated May 25, 1872.

Tintype of what appears to be a soldier, posing in a coat with army stripes on the sleeves.

Confederate? This was taken in Milford, Mississippi.