Antique Victorian crewelwork panel, framed by Boots Cash Chemists, Ltd.

Almost looks like a garden scene, with squash plant, sunflower, hillocks and berries.

Shown with postcards for size.

Gorgeous coloring. Even the red hasn't faded.

Each petal a separate group of stitches with lots of variations in tone and color to convey a sense of depth.
A giant leaf with leaves within it hovers over the scene.

Original framing paper and label.

Closeup of different colors of floss -- you can also see where the dye has darkened the fabric.
Antique metal hanging rings, possibly original hanging string as well.


And more stars of the stage resplendent in their cabinet cards

Gorgeous cabinet card by William McKenzie Morrison, who was the top theatrical portrait photographer in Chicago in his day. Nearly flawless, and signed, of actress Dorothy Turner.

A great old, rare Sarony card: Lydia Thompson, famous theater actress, comedian, dancer and producer (1838 - 1908), the Queen of Burlesque. Bio here.

Sarony card of Alice Dunning (Lingard), a stage actress. (1847-1897)

This is a mysterious one: underneath the actress, in ornate lettering, is written "Mora." The card is embellished Northrop, Frateschi & Stabile Block, Ilion N.Y. (in Herkimer County)

Ellison cabinet card of Maud Harrison, another well-known theatre actress.

More stars of the stage and very early screen (part 4)

Two Real Photo Postcards: Left: Unidentified postcard (from Otello, see below). Right: Maude Fealy (1883-1971), the daughter of a drama teacher, who was reportedly in every Cecil B. DeMille movie ever made.

Ogden's Guinea Gold Cigarettes card #154, of Madame (Eleanora) Duse (1858-1924). A fascinating woman.

Two Real Photo Postcards. Left: Miss Edna May (dated and postmarked 1906, see below). Right: Miss Pauline Chase (postmarked 1906, see below).

Starr King Walker, 1910s actor and early movie star (1874 - 1921). Quite the life he led.

The description is a bit wrong: he died in 1921 and his name was Starr King (S.K. Walker).

Back of Miss Pauline Chase postcard.

Back of Miss Edna May postcard.

Back of unidentified long haired operatic beauty postcard.

Back of Maude Fealy postcard. "How do you like this? from Ernest to Jack."


Famous Actresses and Beauties of the 1880s and 1890s, continued (part 3)

Ellen Terry, Newsboy #89. She's holding a chrysanthemum, it looks like, and dressed as Katherine for her role in Henry VIII (1892).

Nina Farrington, Newsboy Card #120. Satin pumps and a glimpse of petticoats. 1880s.

Alice Johnson, Newsboy #316. Very clever mirror image that involves a bench, a footstool, and a giant mirror tilted just so.

Someone's helpful explanation, scrawled in green felt tip on the back of the card.

Autographed cabinet card photo of Geraldine Russell. Promoting Charles J. Haines & Geraldine Russell, in "The Author & The Girl." Card by Melander Studio, Chicago.

Back of Geraldine Russell's card. Not sure what the wrapper said, but it looks contemporary to the photo.


Cabinet Cards, the Actress and Beauty edition (part 2)
Newsboy (plug tobacco) cards of Annie Sumerville, Mary Anderson, Fanny Ward and the Duchess of Lienster, 1880s - 1890s

Quite risqué for the day. Annie Sumerville — or Somerville, or Summerville, or Sommerville — was a burlesque stage star. Card is numbered 9 in lefthand corner.

Mary Anderson (1859 - 1940). Wiki bio here and less juicy bio here— she had a (mostly) great career and retired at the age of 30, having collapsed on stage due to nervous exhaustion. Card is numbered 7 on lefthand side.

Fannie Ward, 1872 - 1952. A baby-faced beauty, wiki bio here. Card is numbered 832 in righthand corner.

Duchess of Leinster (1864 - 1895), an English society beauty who married a Duke. More here. Card numbered 550 in righthand corner.