It so does have to do with fiction and vintage


Victorian 14k gold lipstick case from a chatelaine. 
Monogrammed "FDS"
Marked "14k EH 1012" on inside rim unknown maker. Or maybe it's marked 14K BF?

on its original gold chain with small hanging ring

The lid is hinged and there are traces of lipstick inside.

The slider is attached to a plate that still moves inside the tube.

Closeup of the marks: 14K EH along the rim. Amazing workmanship and engraving. Even the sliding knob is superb.
What if the mark after 14K was actually made upside down? what if it's a P3? You can tell I have no idea.

But then there are the numbers 1012. Those are unmistakable.

The chain was made long enough so the lipstick could be easily opened and lipstick applied.

The intials "FDS" in a flowery, ornate frame. Pretty sure that's what it says.

Imagine using that to freshen up at a party, mysterious marks or not.