Suddenly a lot of eggs

{me}longings blog was a fave of mine long before I knew anything about it. Organic and eco and patina and light and a kind of unmitigated quiet joy radiates from it. Chanee, the {me} in it, has an eye.

This isn't mutual logrolling time but somehow the luncheonette and {me}longings got together and made good. But she took it farther and sent me all these questions to answer about the luncheonette. So I did. I wasn't sure what she'd use from all the answering: a meadow of answers, it looked like to me, wild and unkempt but honest. She used them all. She also grabbed a whole buffet of items from the shop and put them together in surprising, and gorgeous ways and did that color-matching genius thing too. And she used some of my favorites, though I never told her they were favorites. More good made. Much good. See for yourself.


A thousand pieces of pie to you for that, C.