Nicole Bobek, US figure skating champion, 1995
Nicole Bobek, meth perp, 2009

A plastic tub of dried cranberries sits on a cake plate. The cranberries are from Dix Hills, NY. Tke cake plate is from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn in the 1940s. And so the world turns. The whole Michael Jackson thing. The site of a giant person in stripes laying flowers at a memorial. And Nicole Bobek. An Olympic figure skater caught up in a meth ring in Hudson, NJ. That makes sense to me. Extremes beget extremes.

My goal this year has been to avoid those extremes. To avoid the panic of the soul at the sound of an amazing song, that fight or flight impulse it always dredges up. And then I hear something like Panic Switch (Silversun Pickups) and there it is again. Circle of 5ths, circle of fate?


J.D. King said...

Welcome back!

Robert Bender said...

Michael's life was certainly one of extremes. His childhood was stolen by his father's exploitation of his talent. So he seeked to take it back from other children. So much pain to warrant that quantity of pharmaceuticals.

Jana, my computer crashed. Email me.
Love, Robert