River of Words

Photographer Jennifer May and writer Nina Shengold asked me to be in their book on Hudson Valley writers, River of Words. Jennifer and I had a great time doing the photos. And I get to be nestled in pages with Chinua Achebe and Frank McCourt and Susan Orlean and lots of other great. Now the book's coming out. Can't wait.


david said...

Hi Jana
I heard you speak about 6 weeks ago at Inquiring Mind. I was there for something else, but overheard your group. I enjoyed hearing you speak and listening to the others read excerpts from their latest publications.

I just read Marta Szabo's book and enjoyed it. I went today to the bookstore to see if they had a copy of your book, Russian Lover. They didn't have it. Do you know of anyplace where I can get it locally? You can reach me at david@davidsaxphoto.com.


Ask the Ace said...

Would it be possible to interview you mid month? A focus on relationships and family?