Dept of instastories redux

etsy treasury number something-ty. click here for the real thing with links.
Sometimes an etsy treasury has a story on the tip of its tongue. Sorry for the metaphor.  If I find it, I will reveal here in all its geegaw humphage. Sure, humphage is not a word, but it has a lusty fallover and phhhhhh sound.

Sellers I trolled to pick this one — rollinghillsvintage,    swoonshop,    wiltsiebridgecs,    kbjhandmadeknotoriginal,   annesaccumulations,    newdominionblues,    nakisha,    mousetrapvintage,    treehouse28,   savagesalvage,    bucktoothedbunny,    ohmyampersand,    elizabethwrenvintage,    simplylodge,    snootieseconds.

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