Dress that cupcake #2

See the first post for the concept, in which I decided that instead of creating an outfit from a room (did Domino do that?) or a room from an outfit, we should really get to the basics here and dress an outfit from the most fundamental food, the cupcake.


cupcake: red velvet cupcake with creamcheese frosting, mingmakescupcakes
outfit: 1970s oxblood gathered vegan handbag (ever since I found out a vegan baker
won the cupcake baker reality show I've been into vegan as a cupcake concept), rustbeltthreads
1960s red velvet babydoll dress (red or not,
this is a remarkable dress!), thrush

chalcedony and silver necklace (luminous, hot, and
beautifully made), polestar
1960s Air Step nerd heels (but the shoes really should go with the dress), lisazain

1960s Copenhagen poncho (another phenomenal piece), veritevintage
Vintage lotto marker bobby pins (imagine how adorable), factorygirlashli
long cuff mittens like Bella's in red (ok, sure, like Bella's, but also like my Auntie Deena's, and she remains my personal 60s icon), ilZdr


Amanda / Rust Belt Threads said...

looooooooove red velvet! thanks for including my vintage handbag amongst so many lovelies.

PoleStar Jewelry - Handcrafted said...

Yum!!! I will take one :) Thank you for including me on your gorgeous blog!