Preparation for a chicken

1906 postcard, obscurio.

We have joined the zietgeist though we never intended to, and are heading for the receiving end of 25 or 26 or 27 Buff Orpington chicks sometime between September 18th and 23rd.

1908 postcard, laurasvintagegarden.
The factual/numeric aspects of this plan are a bit shaky to me, but I didn't make the arrangements. As a certain breed of Virgo I am fighting the compulsion to see the plan as indefinite as mist. But that was another life.

1939 encyclopedia page, vintagehomerecycled.
In this life, the person who arranged the chicken thing is anything but misty, so there is no question: we are getting them. And it was his job, as a little boy, to take care of all the chickens on his grandparents' farm. So, zeitgeist or not, this isn't a nouveau chickens situation — for him. You could say that by virtue of my union with someone who has squat respect for the zeitgeist, I have in fact joined the zeitgeist.

1970 back to the land followers, westvirginaculture.
There is much preparing: coop, chicken area, fence, whether or not we can let the birds range all over the yard. Our pigeons do — they mill around while the dogs are out, since the dogs were proofed off pigeons long ago. If we can convince the dogs that chickens are just big pigeons things should be fine.

1961 Pasadena school photo, totalvintage.
One of us is mulling over the right coop and bedding and feed.

1934, chicken house in Cairo, caravancollection.
One of us is looking for the right egg baskets and chicken-ish things. Not to mention gingham chicken-and-egg-gathering dresses.

1940s gingham dress, allencompany.
1920s-30s gingham dress, adelaidehomesewn.
1950s handmade dress, clevernettle.

And obsessing over how to use all the eggs. 

egg basket, rollinghillsvintage.


alexkeller said...

i was going to tell you that i have an egg basket - just haven't listed it yet. i have suburban dreams of having a chicken coop. i also thought i could grow a garden. i kept forgetting to water the darned thing. can't imagine what i'd do to chickens! best of luck to you, and i say deviled eggs and lots of baked goods.

anja louise verdugo said...

Wow, that's a lot of chickens! We just have two here in Portland, but there are a lot of chicken owners around the city. One of ours is Buff Orpington, and she's really sweet. I love having them, the eggs are amazing!

Rolling Hills Vintage said...

One of our good friends in Northern California has a chicken coop. They lay beautiful eggs in gorgeous colors! The chickens not our friends.
Thanks for featuring my egg basket. Your the best, Jana!