Wednesday's answers, continued

2. I have not, actually, grown out of jackets like this.

grits n ham jacket, luncheonettevintage
But I am more likely to wear one like this, though it may not fit as well with a womanly shoulder/hip ratio.

rockabilly two-tone sweater, wyogems

But the boyly-girl thing stays with me deeply influenced by college roommates who effortlessly sported  undershirts, thrift-store old man's trousers and oxford shoes, looked absolutely perfect, quoted Jean Genet and called each other Stick. And it happily keeps coming back into style, as trends do that have the strange byproduct of encouraging fogies to not evolve with their age. Lately, it's oxford shoes like these, from the 1980s.

dapper black oxfords, greatestfriend

Or these, which are not only super-cheap (take that, fashionista commenter) but would look fantastic without the spikes.

1940s golf shoes, retrogal

or these — marvelous workshoes, so the boy-girl thing redoubles — first as utility-style, then as military-civilian. Which is, of course, perfectly appropriately current. Which means, apropos of not evolving, that I can dress exactly how I did in 19-ought-eighty-when. And I will have evolved, magically, anyway.

Vintage is so — effervescent — that way.

1950s black leather oxfords, smallearthvintage

 All these shoes are making me hungry, naturally. Time to get the griddles going and make some scrambled eggs.


Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Oh my--the grits and ham jacket is *killer*!

I have a pair of the black oxfords (I think they're police woman or postal carrier shoes; Andy swears they're nun shoes) that I love to wear because they are so comfortable. It's always a challenge though, because I tend to wear so many skirts and dresses and they don't always look quite right with them (depends on length, mostly), but I want to *always* wear them because they are so comfortable.

I'm kind of in love with those great golf shoes, too.

Trixie said...

Aww, thanks for mentioning my shoes! They would be perfect without the spikes

Mmmmm...scrambled eggs....

greatest friend said...

lovely to be featured here! i adore oxfords and i love the one with the golf shoes (i wish they fit my mum as i am searching for some for her), i grew up a greenkeepers daughter so hence the constant menswear influence in my shop, dad was so stylish on the course! (in the 80s!) oh 80s golf fashion.... i digress... and let a secret out of the bag. seriously though, there's nothing smarter than a sharp pair of oxfords, with dark tights white socks or some wool trou' ;)