Containing a tangible sense of history 

that seems woven right into the wool. A memory of a horse's flanks steaming on a winter's night. The creak of the carriage traces as the horse waits, the snow melting into the wool.

Antique horse blanket, luncheonettevintage
In a flickr stream of the NY fire department museum, a similar blanket. Same berry red stripes, same goldenrod yellow, same woven, slightly coarse by soft wool.

NYC fire dept. horse blanket, Mitchell Klein
Another horse blanket at the Orange County fire museum, from the 1880s.

Parade blanket for fire horse, Orange County Fire Museum
And then, jumping around, found an entry on the triangle shirtwaist factory fire: that firemen tried to catch the falling women with a horse blanket. With vintage comes the past.

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so amazing!