Dog photo of the month

1940s kodacolor, vintagewarehouseny

What do I love about this photo? Who is this man paying attention to, trying to twist to smile for the camera and hold his beloved shepherd at the same time? And does that trio behind him care? Not a whit. They're in their Sunday best. Gloves and hats. And proudly so, with a little turn of the ankle, the better to show a tiny bit of leg. They know what matters.

The photographer snapped the shutter a bit too early, they probably said later, over coffee and cake. I'd disagree. And look at the shadow on the ground, that perfect shepherd profile, the tongue. The clearest face in the whole photo.

And I am a dog person. So here it is, the resplendent intersection of dog, vintage, and story. In its kodacolor glory.


wendy presseisen, said...

thanks for posting this photo jana! i agree - it has a wonderful retro story to it. and i think the dog is the smartest one of the bunch lol

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

I love this--especially that lady on the left, looking up!

When I walk Lucy I am always laughing at her shadow. Depending on the time of day, it looks like the shadow of a wild boar or else the scraggliest street mutt.

susan said so said...

love this, for all the reasons you list, and more so because of your words.

i'm glad i found your blog!