Waking up with the friend

A little embarassingly the first place I heard this band was on television, on a commercial, in between heady skinny high school gorgeous tortuous want/love/blood/eat/don't segments from Vampire Diaries. K is addicted to it and I've noticed that Somerhalder guy since Lost, so, we watch. Natch it was that annoying car commercial. But then, admiring threepotatofour again, found this vid of Home, a better song, on their blog and realized who they were. A good thing, a not reprehensible thing, and kind of boho-playground-honky-tonk-parade-pop that, if let loose upon the throngs, might indeed be able to save the world a little. And of course the fact that there is great hair, and drama and all that stuff makes it even worthier, car commercial or not.

Home. Edwarde Sharp and the Magnetic Zeroes.

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