Xavier's morning routine
9 a.m. 2/16/2012
Rest assured, first of all, that none of this gets into the vintage. Xavier does nowhere near the vintage. He knows not to set foot in the luncheonette, though he will linger outside, possibly jump up and look in the window (he is a dog that likes to see stuff and will stand up to do so). But none of that spit and vigor gets anywhere near the vintage.

It does get into the book if I'm not careful, though. So I'm being careful. Wolves are not like dogs. Xavier's joy is in the Play. Is in the whole tootin ritual we do. Wolves would not think it very appropriate. But Xavier does. Every day. Nine times a day if possible. Or ninety. Ninety times a day chasing a ball for all it's worth, or waiting on a sit-stay and vibrating like crazy until that release, that amazing WOW release as in WOW I CAN GO FIND THAT THING SHE JUST HID SOMEWHERE OUT THERE — that could happen ninety times a day and it would not be enough. But even twice a day, even once a day, it makes him so happy he stands like Rin Tin Tin at a photo shoot, except for all the spit and vigor in his jaws.

And I did not ask or tell him to pose for this picture. That's just how he stands when he's done. Like, yo, I could take Westminster.

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Anonymous said...

What a handsome guy!!