Leonia, 1970s
It wasn't just about Mom and the rhododendrons and the tree.
I had a thing for yellow because we didn't, as a family, wear yellow a lot. Peasant blouse from missfarfalla
We had Dodges. So I thought the coolest cars were Buicks and Fords. Buick station wagon in a color my mother could have tolerated. She had the right idea on that one, I think. That cars should try to blend in with the trees a little more.
Everyone had crazy bedding. It's a wonder we got any sleep. Flower power bedding, raggletaggle
frye boots, what all the cool girls wore, what I dreamed of wearing when I got older and my legs got a little longer.
Everything was patterned. Everything was printed to look like something else. Patchwork patten sewing box, thevintagepepper
There were super bells, elephant bells, fancy bells. Unbelievably amazing jeans, lovefashionmusic
But mostly the clothes seemed strangely unwearable and overcoordinated. Stiff vests over thick dresses, clingy skirts sticking to tights. (via here)
I was more into the free spirit version. Like this fringed vest, another cool girl friday night at the ice cream parlor staple
And then there were girls I knew were just cool. Whatever they did. Skinny and nightgowned and phone calls from cool people and doing cool things and wearing hear in cool braided ways and cool. (via him)

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