New pup

Her name is Piper. She is 8 weeks old. She's a Llewellin Setter.

She has a very strong personality. She will not sleep in her crate. She will not hang out in her crate. She wants to be where the action is.

But since she's a puppy, she stays awake with everyone as long as she can and then she can't stay awake anymore. And falls asleep. But only on laps. No crates.

On a lap she'll sleep for hours. And hours.  And hours. Just no crates. Absolutely not.


alexkeller said...

adorable! our Lab wouldn't sleep in a crate either. just cried and cried. so he sleeps with us most of the time. he is a good bed warmer, though!

. said...

so funny. our dogs take pride in their bed warming skills, but some of them view a crate as their own personal domain. one of them will go in and intentionally ignore as a major statement: it means, I am tired of dealing with you juvenile fools.

. said...
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