Doggett's New York City Directory 1844-1845 Third Publication

Leather spine, gilded lettering, paper boards, dog for proportion.

Every inch of space on the front cover is taken up by an ad.

Book cover as billboard, mid 19th century style.

Endpapers: more ads. Including a bear.

More on the bear. In an ad for a fur warehouse.

The street directory in the back is exhaustive.
The only place in the book where the pages are a bit loose in their stitching.

In case you're wondering why there's a red stamp on the title page, it's to prove that book wasn't stolen. Does that even make sense? What if the books were stolen after they were stamped?

More on how this extraordinary body of information was gathered.
Signs of the ever changing metropolis.

Pink page advertisements occur throughout the book.

Helpful list of names in their variations — Plum, Plumb, etc.

Croton water — before the reservoir system.

You could buy fishing tackle on Fulton and Nassau Sts.

What P.T. Barnum was doing in 1844.

Giant, scary surgical scissors?

Great piece of gun history.

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