Pulp Fiction

Some stats: There are nine cartons here of zingy lurid racy tough gritty and absolutely not pc pulp fiction paperbacks. Of the pocket sized kind, there are 139 books, including 8 Ace Double Novels. The word "dame" occurs, I'm estimating, about 1,500 times.

Other common words include sucker, killer, murder, heck, aw, gun, piece, curves, and dark.

The eight double novels.

My favorite cover may be I Want Out, with its double frame.

The other side of the same books, flipped over and turned upside down. That's how they work. Apparently it's called "tete-beche." The Big Fix takes the cake for me.

The spines.

The edges. Not too shabby.

She's naked, wet, her hair is dry and styled, and she's about to hit this guy over the head with the butt of a gun. Noir has its own logic. Best not to mess with it.

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