Luncheonette model: Maya
(All the luncheonette models are local, home grown and free spirited and smart as heck, and none are professional models.)

What kind of artist are you?
I've always been really into drawing/illustration and making movies. I currently draw in my free time and am working to pursue more filmmaking opportunities, specifically in documentary. 

Vegetarian, vegan, omnivore?
Vegetarian for 12 years, currently not practicing.

Favorite foods? 

Yellowtail Sushi, Pizza, Goat Cheese, Avocados, Eggplant, Ben and Jerry's, Mango Smoothies, Grilled Cheese, Green Curry 

Favorite drinks?

Lemonade, hot black coffee, iced coffee with milk, seltzer, Mexican beers, chocolate milkshakes, red wine, anything with a straw.

Favorite actor / actress / movie / artist / writer (any or some or all)?

My favorite movie changes all the time, but I can tell you my first favorite movie: The African Queen.  My favorite writer also changes a lot but I'm currently reading Richard Brautigan.

Favorite decades?
I like dresses from the 20's, jackets from the 40's, pants from the 70's, music from the 60's and 90's, and art from the turn of the century.

Favorite luncheonette clothing you've modeled in so far?  

I had a lot of fun in the black fur stole, it's so absurdly posh. It carried a pretty big glam rock ego. [coming to the shop soon!]

Favorite animal?

I really like dogs. I think dogs with a lot of energy are great because they're always funny but my ideal dog is very large and lazy.

Everyone at the luncheonette has a restaurant connection, so what's yours?
I worked at a cafe where the menu was designed to give people a lot of mobility (make your own sandwich, build your own quesadilla etc.) so I've taken a lot of bizarre orders like cheese-less quesadillas or bacon-cheeseburgers topped with chicken tenders and mandarin oranges.  I like working jobs like that though, as long as people are in good spirits.

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