pulp fiction in all its deadly glory (set of 8)

The eight:
Michael Avallone. Dead Game. Perma Books 3012. 1955.
George Bagby. Dead on Arrival. Bantam 1197. 1954.
Glenn M. Barns Deadly Summer. Perma Books 3114. 1957.
Hal Braham. Call Me Deadly. Graphic Mystery 152. 1957.
Dorothy Eden. Death is  Red Rose. Ace Star. 1970. (reissue of a 1950s classic)
Ruth Fenisong. Deadlock. Dell 808. 1952.
Michael Gilbert. Death has Deep Roots. Dell 744. 1951.
Mike Roscoe. Death is a Round Black Ball. Signet 966. 1952.

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