DeKobra. Douglas. Fuller. Death. Murder. Fate.
Maurice DeKobra. left: The Bachelor's Widow. Ace S-85. 1954. right: The Madonna of the Sleeping Cars. Dell (mapback) 256. 1948.

Great review here.

Lloyd C. Douglas. left: Forgive Us Our Trespasses. Cardinal C-240. 1957. (a love thing between siblings). right: Green Light. Cardinal C-269. 1959.

Cover art by Charles Binger.

Cover art by Tom Dunn.

Gritty, hot. William Fuller. left: Goat Island. Dell First Edition 28. 1954. right: The Face That Kills. Dell First Edition 105. This one's a freebie: it's got an amazing cover but is missing the first chunk of pages.

Cover art by George Gross.

Love the graphics of the back covers.

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