Set of 7 Cabinet Card and CDV photographs including Lillian Russell and Fanny Gillette

Left, Mrs. Howard Paul as Lady Macbeth (inscribed on back of card), a "Carte Imperial" by Gurney, NY and sold by Joseph Ward, Looking Glasses and Pictures Frames, Boston. Right, Uniformed, unidentified actor by Warren's Studio.

Left, unidentified actress by Dana, NY, dated 1889. Right, Alice Dunning Lingard, a Sarony CDV in superb condition.

Lillian Russell by Falk NY — a rare angle for this famous star

Closeup of the back decollete of that amazing dress.

Bertha Galland, stage actress, by Falk, NY. A reprint of this photo appeared on the cover of Theatre magazine in 1901. Galland became a stage sensation, retired when still in her 30s, and died in a car accident in 1932.

Handworked lace bodice, floral sleeves, giant hat, ingenue's expresion.

Autographed and inscribed cabinet card of Fanny Gillette by Falk, NY. Is she holding a recipe book? A book of her culinary writings?

The inscription, dated 1887-8: "Therefore be merry Cassio, for thy solicitor shall rather die than give thy cause away."

Written to Mr. Charles Mason, right around the time Gillette's immensely popular White House Cookbook was published.

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