Swords, autographs, and Stage Stars:
5 Cabinet Cards and 6 theatrical CDV's

Miss Mary Anderson by Downey, London. Famous stage actress (1859 - 1940).

A mystery scene by Miller's Modern Studio of Fakenham, Norfolk. "Who Is It?" wrote someone under what looks like a father with three children. Or perhaps it was just a fanciful family scene?

A serious looking boy in a serious looking costume with a serious looking wig, carrying a serious looking sword. Taken by W.R. Call, Pickering Block, Manchester, N.H.

Sarony Card of Miss A.S. Neilson as Cymbeline. Another sword, a risque costume, a heavy cape. Her full name was Adelaide Nielson; her born name was Elizabeth Anne Bland. She was already famed in England when she went to America. She performed in Cymbeline at the Fifth Avenue Theatre in New York in 1877, the same year she divorced her husband.

Another Sarony card, this one inscribed, of Ethel Knight Mollison, April, 1901, the year she starred on Broadway.

6 CDV's : top row, left to right: Mary Anderson by Sarony; risque CDV; European actress with flower necklace by Loescher & Petsch, Berlin. Bottom row, left to right: Lillie Langtr; Mary Anderson; Burlesque dancer.

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