Famous Actresses and Beauties of the 1880s and 1890s, continued (part 3)

Ellen Terry, Newsboy #89. She's holding a chrysanthemum, it looks like, and dressed as Katherine for her role in Henry VIII (1892).

Nina Farrington, Newsboy Card #120. Satin pumps and a glimpse of petticoats. 1880s.

Alice Johnson, Newsboy #316. Very clever mirror image that involves a bench, a footstool, and a giant mirror tilted just so.

Someone's helpful explanation, scrawled in green felt tip on the back of the card.

Autographed cabinet card photo of Geraldine Russell. Promoting Charles J. Haines & Geraldine Russell, in "The Author & The Girl." Card by Melander Studio, Chicago.

Back of Geraldine Russell's card. Not sure what the wrapper said, but it looks contemporary to the photo.

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