Cabinet Cards, the Actress and Beauty edition (part 2)
Newsboy (plug tobacco) cards of Annie Sumerville, Mary Anderson, Fanny Ward and the Duchess of Lienster, 1880s - 1890s

Quite risqué for the day. Annie Sumerville — or Somerville, or Summerville, or Sommerville — was a burlesque stage star. Card is numbered 9 in lefthand corner.

Mary Anderson (1859 - 1940). Wiki bio here and less juicy bio here— she had a (mostly) great career and retired at the age of 30, having collapsed on stage due to nervous exhaustion. Card is numbered 7 on lefthand side.

Fannie Ward, 1872 - 1952. A baby-faced beauty, wiki bio here. Card is numbered 832 in righthand corner.

Duchess of Leinster (1864 - 1895), an English society beauty who married a Duke. More here. Card numbered 550 in righthand corner.

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