More stars of the stage and very early screen (part 4)

Two Real Photo Postcards: Left: Unidentified postcard (from Otello, see below). Right: Maude Fealy (1883-1971), the daughter of a drama teacher, who was reportedly in every Cecil B. DeMille movie ever made.

Ogden's Guinea Gold Cigarettes card #154, of Madame (Eleanora) Duse (1858-1924). A fascinating woman.

Two Real Photo Postcards. Left: Miss Edna May (dated and postmarked 1906, see below). Right: Miss Pauline Chase (postmarked 1906, see below).

Starr King Walker, 1910s actor and early movie star (1874 - 1921). Quite the life he led.

The description is a bit wrong: he died in 1921 and his name was Starr King (S.K. Walker).

Back of Miss Pauline Chase postcard.

Back of Miss Edna May postcard.

Back of unidentified long haired operatic beauty postcard.

Back of Maude Fealy postcard. "How do you like this? from Ernest to Jack."

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